Your New Favorite Wholesale F&B Supply Partner

Your New Favorite Wholesale F&B Supply Partner

Hello! We are FOODBOSS, a Malaysian startup that does wholesale F&B supply, especially frozen barbeque meat and ready-to-cook food. But that’s not all! We are also dedicated to helping local F&B entrepreneurs and businesses solve their problems with solutions that are tailored to their needs.

The idea for FOODBOSS came about when one of our co-founders faced barriers that stood in the way of the success of his food truck. Among the many difficulties included the price of raw ingredients, storage issues, food prep, logistics, and marketing. He eventually let go of the food truck and set his eyes on something bigger.

And FOODBOSS was born… at first as a home business supplying frozen BBQ meat at the beginning of the pandemic. It was hard work, from the R&D to figuring out the logistics, all while trying to look for new clients. But we persevered and looked forward. At our peak, we supplied almost 500kg of ready-to-cook meat a month, out of our less-than-100-sqft kitchen! During the whole process, we grew even more aware of the costs and problems that F&B businesses faced.

Basically, FOODBOSS aims to be your one-stop F&B solutions partner. We have a central kitchen located in Saujana Puchong that can prepare ready-to-cook meals and baked goods for F&B businesses. We can prepare any type of cuisine according to your needs and budget, and then portion and package the way you like it. FOODBOSS also does wholesale F&B supply, so that you can get ingredients like dry herbs & spices, ready-to-cook meat, and baking ingredients for your business from one supplier!

FOODBOSS‘s real specialty however, is actually… BBQ meat! We can do any type of barbecue food, like burger patties, frozen chicken nuggets, chicken chops, beef briskets… you name it! We can marinate the meat for you the way you like it, or you can try FOODBOSS‘s recipes. And the best part is, this isn’t just for businesses! Yes, you can order FOODBOSS BBQ meat for your own BBQ party or for your daily meals if you want!

FOODBOSS comprises 3 local experienced co-founders. Although we’re each from different backgrounds, like hospitality, F&B, and IT, we share the same burning passion for food. We want to help our local F&B entrepreneurs by guiding them through (or even around!) the barriers and giving them the tools they need to grow, adapt and succeed. At the same time, we also want to encourage more entrepreneurs to join the industry and be thier own FOODBOSS.

Our client’s business is our business. We don’t capitalize but we grow.


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