BBQ At Home

BBQ At Home

Barbecue made simple

No more smoke, ash or grease everywhere when you barbecue with FOODBOSS, BBQ food supplier.

Enjoy fresh and juicy BBQ right in the comfort of your own home without having to fuss with charcoal and a grill!

With FOODBOSS's range of easy and convenient barbecue meat, you can now host a BBQ party easily or even have BBQ for breakfast! Whether you like ayam percik or enjoy a bratwurst, we will have the right pick for you.

So, Why Choose FOODBOSS BBQ?

High quality meat

FOODBOSS uses only the freshest and best cuts of meat sourced from only sustainable farms.

Recipe adjusted

Our many recipes have been adjusted to suit Malaysian taste, or if you want the real deal, just let us know!

Fresh ingredients

From the herbs and spices to the vegetables, we use only the freshest and best quality.


We use natural ingredients to replicate the smoky taste as charred food contains carcinogens.

Easy preparation

No more fumbling with the grill, our BBQ food can be prepared using a home oven or induction cooker.

Custom menu

You can build a custom menu according to your taste, or you can select one of our packages.

BBQ Food Supplier

FOODBOSS is a Malaysian BBQ food supplier that offers wholesale BBQ catering. We are experts when it comes to marination. Our specialty is our extensive selection; we provide a large range of popular grilling items such as steaks, ribs, chops, chicken, and more, all from local farmers. For that special occasion, we may also provide a plethora of frozen appetisers and seafood delights. Our meats are seasoned and properly thought out! Visit us; your taste senses will thank you. All you have to do is toss them on the barbecue and you’ll be able to enjoy them in no time!

bbq food supplier

BBQ Food Supply

Our extensive meal menu caters to all sorts of BBQ occasions, from small family gatherings to huge corporate parties. Satay, chicken wings, stingray sambal, and a variety of other seasoned BBQ foods. You name it, we’ve got it! FOODBOSS is dedicated to making all barbecue activities as convenient as possible. We can deliver to you whether you are an individual consumer or a corporation searching for our fresh food supply. FOODBOSS uses only the finest ingredients that are skillfully cooked and seasoned to deliver you high-quality barbecue.

Trusted BBQ Delivery

With the help of our in-house chefs, we are continually improving the flavour of our meals. By handling the complete food preparation process, we hope to assist food & beverage businesses in reducing operational expenses and storage space. We offer services that include food prep, recipe formulation, catering, baking, packaging, and distribution. Even though we specialise in BBQ food supplies, our crew is diverse and can make a variety of cuisines. Our Puchong factory outlet provides BBQ meat delivery to the entire Klang Valley. 

bbq food supplier

FoodBoss Malaysia

Are you from somewhere else in Malaysia? Not to worry. Our products are also distributed by our business partners. We offer professional BBQ food supplies service with a dash of levity. We don’t believe in just turning up to serve meals; we believe in showing up so that everyone has a positive experience with FOODBOSS. We prepare and serve with passion and joy. We are the finest BBQ meat delivery in the business, as evidenced by our performance at event after event. If you are looking for a quality BBQ food supplier in Puchong or anywhere in Klang Valley, you have come to the right place. If you need more information about our services¬† or need BBQ meat for your restaurants or party, contact us. Our customer service team will be able to assist you.

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